Re: Right click menu: how to add 'send to John Doe'

Great! However, I need to also have the file attached to the email. How do
I alter that script to attach the file, and not just send the file location
as a path?

"ju.c" wrote:

I think this is what you're looking for:

Add “Mail Recipient (as Path)” Option to the Send to Menu to Email File Paths

If not, leave a comment there asking your question.


"Southern at Heart" <SouthernatHeart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have seen a lot of examples on how to add to the 'send to' context menu,
but none that decribe what I'd like to do. I am always sending files to a
particular email address, so can I have a draft email saved with the BODY and
the TO fields already filed in, and have it so I can right click a file and
choose send to, and then choose 'John Doe' and it will pull up that draft
email and attatch the file ready to be send?