Re: Command prompt is displayed briefly, then disappears

The actual file in the System32 folder. Same problem occurs with regedit, by the way.

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Are you clicking on a shortcut or the actual file?
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We have an IT person, not a department, and that person is stretched quite thin. Aside from that, their main task is maintaining the network. If the decision is to wipe the disk clean and reinstall I will most likely be the person who does that. If I can find out something that may help I will pass it along, because one way or the other I am the person who is most likely to be working on this.

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Windows XP Pro SP3. I am logged on to the machine as an Administrator. The problems I describe below were not problems until recently. I have installed Firefox and Thunderbird recently, but have made no other changes I can think of. Firefox is now my default browser, but I did not use Thunderbird, and just now uninstalled it.

The command prompt, including ipconfig, cannot be made to appear, or appears for at most a couple of seconds. Any of the following cause the Windows task bar to blank out for a few seconds, as if I had used the Task manager to shut down the explorer.exe process, except that the task bar returns:
Start >> Run >> cmd
Start >> Run >> cmd.exe
Start >> Programs >> Accessories >> Command Prompt
Locating cmd.exe in Windows\System32, and attempting to start it from there

In all cases it is the same whether I use Enter, click the OK button at Start >> Run, use the right click menu, or any other options I can think of.

When I go to Start >> Run and type ipconfig or ipconfig.exe and press Enter or click OK, I see a command prompt window for a few seconds at most (usually just a fraction of a second). Same thing when I try to run ipconfig.exe directly from System32.

For both cmd.exe and ipconfig.exe I have tried this syntax in the Run window:

I have searched for quite a while, but am now out of options.

I suspect that you fell victim to one of the many infamous "registry
cleaner". Most don't do anything useful at all; some will cause serious
damage to your machine.

I would attempt a System Restore to put Windows back to a point before you installed the "cleaner". If System Restore no longer works then a manual System Restore might fix the problem - see here:
I tend to doubt the registry cleaner was the problem. As I have stated, I ran the registry cleaner. It found all sorts of "errors", then tried to get me to pay them. I did not, being suspicious of a product that misrepresents itself as free. Also, I questioned that there were so many errors in a system that had been generally OK. I did not actually have the registry cleaner do anything beyond the scan.

Since the problem occurred IT has worked on the computer. Among the things they did were to install a newer version of the antivirus program, and the Malwarebytes program. Will a SR undo these changes? BTW, I chose a restore option at the safe mode screen (restore to the last good configuration, or something like that), to no effect, before IT started working on it.BTW, I was curious as to whether cmd.exe is in the registry anywhere, so I attempt to run regedit, but that doesn't work either. Same symptoms as with cmd.exe (task bar disappears for a few seconds), then comes back, but nothing opens).

You must let your IT Department resolve the issue. It's no good having two completely independent cooks stir the same broth.