Re: How to activate "Num Lock"?

chrbar wrote:

For each logon (Ctrl-Alt-Del), and after when the session is opened, the numeric keypad is disactivated!
Workstations run Windows XP Pro SP3, on a NT Domain managed by a Windows Server 2003R2 SP2.

Do you know how to keep it activated?
Do I have to change something localy on the workstations or on the Domain Server (AD)?

Thanks a lot for your help,

By default, the NumLock key is turned off as WinXP starts, and keeps it off until someone logs in and initializes a user profile. WinXP will remember the NumLock's last state, meaning that if you log out with the NumLock on, it will automatically turn on the next time you log in; If you log out with the NumLock off, it will be off the next time you log in.

If one needs the NumLock on _before_ logging in, a registry edit can be used to change WinXP's default behavior:

How to Set the NUM LOCK State at Logon in Windows XP;en-us;314879


Bruce Chambers

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