Re: Image Files

To answer your question it's an ISO image and yes I want to install this
learning software onto my hard drive so I don't have to go through accessing
the software from the DVD media.
Yeah demon tools creates the virtual drive and I suppose it will always be
accessible there. I was hoping it would become another programs in my
programs folder that I can access it this way.
I did attempt to copy the files from the virtual drive and for some reason
the language files, since it's a language program are not there. They're all
there in the virtual drive but attempting to make a copy even thoughj I have
asked the hidden files are shown, the copying did not work. Any ideas why?
Thank you.

"Olórin" wrote:

"AIANDAS" <AIANDAS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
OK I get what this tool did was make a virtual drive..........I have
transferred all those files from the virtual drive onto a hard drive
and it appears to be working so far..........on the other hand is there
another tool that will just install the image files onto the hard drive as
opposed to creating a virtual drive?
Thank you.
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On Feb 24, 1:31 am, AIANDAS <AIAN...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I don't know if this is the right group to ask this question but if
not I am
sure I'll be directed to the one. I have an image file of some
software and
when I use my burnware it makes a copy of it on a CD.
The thing I don't like about it is that there is no executable that
allow me to install it locally and the only way it'll work is off the
This even though I transferred all the files, [hidden and otherwise]
onto a
desktop folder nothing!
Any idea of how to circumvent this problem? Thanks as always!

The only way is through using a cd/dvd emulator such as daemon tools.
that will let you mount the image file directly off the hard drive
without needing to write it to the cd.


What type of CD image file is it? - ISO, NRG, etc.

You say "install the image files onto the hard drive" - do you mean "copy
the files stored *in* the image file onto the hard drive"? If so, you need a
program like ISOBuster, UltraISO, WinISO, perhaps WinRAR or 7-Zip - if your
file is an .ISO. Only the last of these is free, though the others probably
have free trial periods.

Or is it that you've installed, say, a game from the mounted image and in
order to play it, you need to have a CD (virtual or otherwise) available to

But - unless you plan on doing this frequently, isn't it just as easy to
mount the image with your already-installed Daemon Tools and copy the files
from the virtual drive? Daemon Tools doesn't need to auto-start, so no drain
on resources.


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