Re: CtHelper.exe CPU=99%

Thanks Gerry,

Spybot S & D + Malwarebytes, your right, maybe I should.... the boss will be
taking this PC home to his wife.

Thanks Again!

Richard in Va.

"Gerry" <gerry@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

To be safe I would still do a further check for malware.

I suggest you download and run Spybot S & D (freeware version). There
is a freeware version buried in this link:

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
1.32 -freeware (if you upgrade you pay).

Run Malwarebytes' in safe mode and turn off your current anti-virus
before you do to avoid a conflict. Disregard the invitation on the web
site regarding the Registry Optimiser -a Registry Optimiser is not a
helpful utility.


Hope this helps.

Stourport, England
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Richard In Va. wrote:

I looked again thru the CD's that came with the PC and found a
SoundBlaster CD with the Gateway name on it. So I removed all
installed SoundBlaster and audio drivers and the card itself as
beamish recommended, Booted and all seemed to be well, the
CtHelper.exe process was now gone.
Ran AVG Free ver 8.0 and it found no threats. The PC had only been
to 2 websites, and windows update.

Reinstalled the audio card and the driver from the Gateway provided
CD. Did not install all the other goodies... just the driver.

Everything (for now) seems to be much more better!

Thanks for all the help and good ideas!

Richard in Va.

"Richard In Va." <Reply-none@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
Thanks!... I've read everyone's replies and will try some combination
thereof this morning. Will post back what I find and the results.

But I'm still listening if others have ideas too!

Be back soon,

Richard in Va.

"Richard In Va." <Reply-none@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
Maybe a bit off-topic but... I have a problem with CtHelper.exe,
maybe someone can help?

I have a windows process, C:\WINDOWS\system32\CtHelper.exe that is
utilizing 99% of CPU as noted by Windows Task Manager. The process
hangs at every shutdown and I have to abort the process to fully
shut down. I understand this process is a part of SoundBlaster Audio

A few details... I'm rebuilding an older 2002 PC, WinXP-Home Intel
P4, by replacing the hard drive and re-installing using the OEM
restore CD's. Used the OEM restore CD to install all drivers as
well. Updated via windows update to SP2 then SP3 then the newer
updates. Noticed in the updates optional software a few
driver/software updates, namely for the soundblaster card
installed. Installed the soundblaster software update and that's
when (I think) I picked up CtHelper and it's problem. This all
occurred yesterday. Today I looked thru the OEM software CD's and
installed Roxio CD
Creator 5 Basic. At reboot, I noticed Roxio had a problem opening
the "Project Selection" window but the individual components seemed
to open fine. Opened Windows Task Manager and noticed the process
CtHelper using
98-99% of CPU. So I shut down the process and accepted the
warning. As soon as the process closed, the CD Creator "Project
Selection" window opened up. Anyone got any ideas here? Don't know if
I really need the CtHelper
process and maybe I should remove the process for good if someone
can tell me how (other than unchecking it in msconfig). Maybe I can
un-install everything soundblaster and re-install from the OEM
driver CD and forget about the update located at windows update?

Any advice would be appreciated... even if a bit "off-topic"...

Richard in Va.