Re: How to force download a with Automatic Updates?

The date and time was Friday, January 16, 2009 7:26:41 AM, and on a whim, Frank Slootweg pounded out on the keyboard:

Not for me in MU. They are all listed there. I install manually on systems all the time, and I can check those at any time. If you get the "Succeeded" notation at the end of an update, it will be available to view in the history.

Hmmm! The update I manually installed is not listed in Windows Update
and not in Microsoft Update.

BUT, I manually installed only *one* update, and perhaps it was a
special case.

I intentionally used an 'innocent' update, because this was my first
manual installation of an update, i.e. I did not want to try an
important one like a Security Update for Windows XP.

The update which I manually installed was:

Update for Windows Media Format 11 SDK for Windows XP (KB929399)

File windowsmedia11-kb929399-v2-x86-intl.exe.

URL: <>

The update *is* listed in "Add or Remove Programs" with "Show updates"
ticked. BUT, it is listed as:

Hotfix for Windows Media Format 11 SDK for Windows XP (KB929399)

Perhaps a hotfix or/and the Windows Media Format 11 SDK are an

Anyway, over time, I will keep an eye on this and see whether or not
other manually installed updates are listed by MU or/and WU. I have an
old XP machine to play with, so I can keep my regular travel
mini-notebook 'clean'.

Don't know about the name change. Maybe just check for the KB number instead.

Take care Frank,

Terry R.

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