Re: External USB drives cause slow XP startup

Bill in Co. wrote:
Well, the BIOS is always going to check them before bootup each time you boot up. Is that what you're seeing?

How about leaving the externals turned off until you actually need them, which I think is the normal usuage? I have an external HD and it is turned OFF until I need to use it. Why would you do otherwise?

If you always want that HD available, why not add it internally as second drive?

Dr. DOS wrote:
It is taking up to three minutes to boot up in XP. This has
happened since I added two large capacity (500Gbyte)external

After the initial Windows splash screen and until the logon
icon appears, these two drives are accessed/read on a one at
a time sequence (based on seeing the drive lights flashing)
by what function??? As soon as the harddrive light for the
second USB drive stops flashing, the logon icon appears, and
the expected transition to the desktop happens.

I have disable anti-virus, which does not load or run. Also
disabled was spubot-teatimer. I can think of nothing else
besides windows itself that is searching these drives for
quick indexing or something of that sort.

No I do not have a trojan or bot on this machine.

How can I get XP to stop this boot-up accessing of these HDDs?

No, I don't think it is the BIOS. I see when the BIOS checks them. The long accesses/delays happen after Windows starts.
These are small sized drives, USB powered, and have no power switches. The drives hang on to a notebook computer, so not possible to install them inside at any rate.
Thanks for your observations.