Re: File in Temp I can't delete Help Appreciated

Trend Micro Spybot Search and Destroy both show nothing when scanned

"Gerry" <gerry@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Those files are not what I thought they were.

What are your anti-virus and anti-spyware arrangements? Further research
suggests you may have a malware infestation.


Hope this helps.

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Marsha wrote:
Performance Logs and Alerts was already set to manual. I use Firefox
as a browser and I think it has something to do with that. The file
surfaced yesterday during the time I was doing windows updates. I
never noticed it before and I delete the Temp folder often, however I
can't get rid of this file. It won't let me delete it or change the
name to delete it. It is not showing up in the tool creating the
logs either, that I can tell. In Counter Logs there is one file
Name: System Overview
Comment: This sample log provides an overview of system performance
Log Type: Binary
Log File Name: C:\PerfLogs\System_Overview.blg

In the Temp folder the name of the file I can't delete is

Thanks again for all of the help I am getting with this.