Re: Saving and Restoring the Registry

After looking around a bit, it seemed like regedit with Export would do fine. I saved the file, but was a bit surprised at the size, 110M. That is, of course, the whole registry.
I'll check out erunt.

System Restore restores a registry? It looks like one needs to create a restore point.

I guess I'm too late for that. I have a bad install of Acrobat that's messed up my ability to fix it and even install new programs. Well, I'm working on a way around it.

3c273 wrote:
Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore is how you get to
System Restore with a mouse. I've also used the program ERUNT to backup and
restore the registry. It has done the job nicely more than once.

"W. eWatson" <notvalid2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I found <;EN-US;322756>.
Looks simple, but I thought some time ago I had found an even simpler
that didn't involve all that crazy
sequence. Comments?

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