Re: changing the color of just the taskbar

Hi driller,

Go to : and download
TuneUp Utilities 2008 which comes as a 30-day Full Version Trial Copy.
Inside the program is a section called TuneUp Styler 2 in the TuneUp
Utilites 2007 version.

It allows you to change Color Scheme which handles the taskbar color.

But have you try System Restore?


"driller" <driller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
My taskbar changed from blue to beige or grey, and I haven't been able to
change it back. The default(blue) color scheme is not available. If I
select Windows Classic or Windows Standard, the color of the taskbar does
change. However, if I select something like "Lilac", it does change,
with everything else. If I select "Advanced" and then change the color of
the Active Window, that changes, but not the taskbar.

"ju.c" wrote:

No. The Taskbar is actually a Window Title Bar, without the Window.


"greg" <iuouh@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Really generic question.
can you change just the taskbar color?
without changing the windows color?