Re: USB Drivers

Click on the "Don't search,I will choose the driver to install"
When the listed drivers show up,that you're talking about,click on the "Have Disk"
button & then browse to the location that you saved the driver files.

Most driver downloads have a *setup* file amongst the files, that will install it for
you. I would,also check there.


"Larry(LJL269)" <NO@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On Mon, 13 Oct 2008 16:27:00 -0700, Old Navy <sroyeton@xxxxxxx> wrote:

You will have to explain what you did a little better. I didn't find a way to
install drivers in Device Manager. I did a Refresh, Rescan Disks and Show
Hidden Devices. Nada. I look forward to hearing more from you. Thanx

Here r my notes for what I was doing- a subset of which applies to u:

The best method of installing the Adaptec USB 2.0 drivers in Windows
XP is to disable the Microsoft drivers first and then update to the
Adaptec version of drivers. This can be done in the following order:

Download and extract the current version of Adaptec USB 2.0 drivers.
D/L to folder F:\My
Documents\Documentation\Hardware\USB\...\v31a driver#2 & extract to
folder F:\adaptec\usb2
--->> Open up the Device Manager in Windows XP and branch down the
category Universal Serial Bus controllers. Disable 1x element with
'USB2' or 'Enhanced' & 2x elements with 'NEC PCI to USB Open Host
Controller' each having a 'USB Root Hub' & possably more listed under
You will see a red "X" next to 'USB2' or 'Enhanced' entry. Rt-clk on
this entry and choose "update driver."
When the Hardware Update Wizard appears, select "Install from a list
or specific location (Advanced)."
In the next window choose "Don't search, I will choose the driver to
install" and continue.
The next window should show you the compatible models that XP has
found for the Adaptec card. Bypass this and choose the "Have disk..."
Windows XP will by default look to the floppy disk drive for an
updated driver. Select the "Browse..." button instead and point
Windows to the folder where you have downloaded and extracted the
Adaptec drivers, namely 'F:\adaptec\usb2').
Choose the "adptusb2.inf" file and select the 'Open' button & 'OK'
button to continue.
You should now see the 'USB2' or 'Enhanced' entry renamed to something
like 'Adaptec...PCI to USB Enhanced Host Controller'. Click the 'Next'
button to install it.
You may receive a warning that the driver "has not passed Windows logo
testing to verify its compatibility." This is normal for the driver
installation and you should select the "Continue anyway" button.
Windows should install the drivers and then will likely generate an
error window stating that XP 'had a problem starting the driver.' This
also is normal since we have disabled the driver ahead of time. Select
the "Finish" button to continue. The Device Problems Troubleshooting
Wizard may come up and ask you if you want to try to enable the
driver. Select the "Next" and "Finish" buttons to re enable the driver

This should enable the Adaptec 'Enhanced' listing for the card in the
Device Manager and the USB 2.0 drivers should now be successfully

I now repeated the process for 2x elements with 'NEC PCI to USB Open
Host Controller' but when the Hardware Update Wizard appears, select
'Search for driver update' rather than "Install from a list or
specific location (Advanced)." It didnt find a better driver
anyway-these 2 always use MS drivers as do the 'USB Root Hub's .



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