Re: Explorer doesn't explore sometimes

From: "Jim" <j.n@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

| Yes, it works perfectly except for those occasions you cited. I don't
| believe I would be quite so tolerant of them. Dr Watson is a debugger, and
| it only runs when a program crashes.
| My opinion is that all of these events are the result of malware. And, if
| this were my computer, I would first do a thorough check with Davud Lipmans'
| MULTI_AV product. Sorry, I don't have a url for it, but surely an internet
| search can find it.
| Jim

Download MULTI_AV.EXE from the URL --


To use this utility, perform the following...
Execute; Multi_AV.exe { Note: You must use the default folder C:\AV-CLS }
Choose; Unzip
Choose; Close

Execute; C:\AV-CLS\StartMenu.BAT
{ or Double-click on 'Start Menu' in C:\AV-CLS }

NOTE: You may have to disable your software FireWall or allow WGET.EXE to go through your
FireWall to allow it to download the needed AV vendor related files.

C:\AV-CLS\StartMenu.BAT -- { or Double-click on 'Start Menu' in C:\AV-CLS}
This will bring up the initial menu of choices and should be executed in Normal Mode.
This way all the components can be downloaded from each AV vendor's web site.
The choices are; Sophos, Trend, McAfee, Kaspersky, Exit this menu and Reboot the PC.

You can choose to go to each menu item and just download the needed files or you can
download the files and perform a scan in Normal Mode. Once you have downloaded the files
needed for each scanner you want to use, you should reboot the PC into Safe Mode [F8 key
during boot] and re-run the menu again and choose which scanner you want to run in Safe
Mode. It is suggested to run the scanners in both Safe Mode and Normal Mode.

When the menu is displayed hitting 'H' or 'h' will bring up a more comprehensive PDF help

Additional Instructions:

* * * Please report back your results * * *

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