Re: How delete 'Read Only' files from CD-RW's

"Imageman" <Imageman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Vista 64bit / XP Professional SP3

I don't remember this being a problem in the past, but at the moment I
can't change the attributes of, or get rid of 'Read Only' files on my

If the CD-RWs have been written using conventional writing utilities
(including XP's built in utility) in CDFS format, then this is correct
behaviour. Individual files cannot be altered or deleted (including
attributes). The only way of deleting anything is to completely erase the
whole disk.

I haven't succeeded deleting, erasing or formatting with Vista or XP OS,
or with Nero. Is there a way, or a utility to do this? Thanks for your
help, IM

The option to erase a CD-RW should be offered in the 'System Tasks' pane at
the left hand side of the folder display whenever a non blank CD-RW is
inserted (in XP) or on the tool bar near the top (in Vista). Nero in all
its guises also offers the option to erase a disc on its editing screen (the
one where you add the files for burning). Nero will also offer you the
opportunity to erase the disc if you try to write to a non empty disc
(mainly because it doesn't support multisession writing unless you import an
existing project image first).

If the CD-RW has been written using a Packet Writing utility (such as Nero's
In-CD) then it is treated much like any other disc drive and files can be
individually erased and attributes changed. I don't think yours is written
this way though.