RE: How to fix Power issue-XP Pro Sony Vaio, Model PCG-7A2L Laptop..

sgopus wrote:

Sounds like your motherboard battery is dying, replace it.

"george" wrote:

When I attempt to power it up (battery only) I get no lights
and it doesn't power up. When I plug in the AC adapter it
turns on right away but the date goes back to 2000 and time was
screwed up. I go into control panel, date/time and plug in the
correct date/time and everything is peachy. Again, if I pull
out the AC Adapter while the laptop is on, it remains on.
The laptop is a Sony Vaio, Model PCG-7A2L

I doubt it's his motherboard battery that is causing the issue, although
that apparently is dead also. He probably needs a combination of a new
laptop battery and possibly the charger component on the motherboard is
bad. The OP needs to contact Sony tech support since this is a laptop.

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