Re: New motherboard causes Blue Screen

I did a repair and got the same error after reboot.

I'm still stuck, I might just have to reinstall everything.

"sgopus" <sgopus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Try doing a repair install first, generally when replacing a MB, the best
thing to do is not to boot to the HD first thing, boot to the install cd
perform a repair install.
isolate your hardware drivers ie make backups first.

"Chris White" wrote:

I installed a new motherboard in a computer running XP Home w all

The computer Blue Screened with a 0x0000007E.

I booted into Safe Mode and installed all of the drivers for the new
motherboard(USB/Video etc)

Reboot and get the same Blue Screen

Reboot into Safe Mode and it says I have to Activate and that I cannot do
in Safe Mode.

I guess I should have tracked down the offending drivers/hardware before
installing all of the new ones, but what do I do now?


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