Apache HTTP server crashs with XP SP3 and time zone set to GMT+n

I have installed later today the Apache HTTP Server (versions 2.0.46 / 2.2.8) and found that it crashes on XP SP3 in libhttpd.dll. The fault addresses resulted in 2.0.46 and 2.2.8 found they pointed to the same function [ap_recent_ctime()]. but sure at different offset / entry point address. I had got also exceptions during the server shutdown in libapr-1.dll (Apache Portability Runtime library) function apr_time_exp_gmt() which converts a time to its human readable components in GMT time zone.

My first suspicion the local windows time zone because I have it set to GMT+2. After resetting the time zone to GMT+0 the HTTP server to launched successfully without any exception. This workaround is ok but not good as solution.

Any idea how to fix the problem keeping the configured time zone?



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