Re: Speed Disk vs Defrag

I guess we should through Diskeeper in the mix. It lets you do several partitions at the same time as does Speed disk. I don't know which is faster between Speed Disk or Diskeeper (Defrag is definitely the slowest), but if all three have different methodologies as to how to do the task... makes you wonder if defragging is really important. If any of the 3 cause the one of the other two to do more work, then they can't all three be correct.

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I think one thing all defrag software, (speed disk included)
is that they all use Microsoft's MoveFile.api which limits to
some extent what this type of software can do.

Windows built in defrag software is based on Diskeeper's
software. Speed disk lost a lot of functionality about two
or 3 years after Windows XP was released, as they
where either forced or chose to use the MoveFile.api


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These do different things as far as keeping your harddrive tuned up. Defrag removes all the pointers by putting entire programs or data
together on the harddrive (in sequence instead of scattered allover
the HD). Speed Disk (Norton) is suppose to reorder the data and
stack it up front (sort of speak) so that all the empty space is
If I understand this correctly (or close enough), it seems that you
should use both tools.
My question is this: Which tool is better to use first? Does it
matter? Can one tool undermine the other?


Since they use two different methodologies, each will cause the other to have a lot of defrag work to do. In general, in my case at least, I've found that Speed Disk gives me the longest lasting tiem between needs to defrag. Run defrag multiple times and the latter times will go quickly; same with speed disk. Run one then the other and you'll be waiting every single time.

IF you have speed disk and it works well for you, especially if you use any of its most useful features that defrag doesn't have, you're ahead of the game. If you're "just a user" then it's not going to matter much.

But, pick one and stay with it.