Re: boot finish hold off?

Hi All,

I have a customer (XP-Pro-SP2) that will not
wait for her laptop to finish booting and connect
to her wireless access point before starting
to use it. Oh my the problems she creates ...

Is there some setting or utility that will
lock her out until the stinkin' thing is
finished booting?

Many thanks,

I haven't heard of such a thing. One thing I'd do is add an itemization
to the bill that accounts for the extra work something like that
creates. Although, if XP is in decent shape, there shouldn't be much
going on other than some longer waits and maybe someone latching into
her wireless connection.

Measure the length of time it takes to boot. Say, it comes out 3
minutes. Give her an untimatum that the PC cannot be used for *at
least* 5 minutes after power is applied.
If it's wireless theft, you don't give any useful info that way,
remove the wireless services from startup and create a script she has to
use to start them. It's relatively easy to build a delay into a script,
just in case she starts it too soon.

But mostly, give the person finite, clear and concise rules for startup
and insist she follow them in order to save herself some money. Let her
at least pay for the frustration; money usually has special, magical
powers for the one spending it<g>.

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