Re: Nv4_disp

casey511 wrote:
Hi Nass,

Thanks for your help! My question is; that today my system had many
problems starting up; approx. 7 attempts; and all starting differently; some
with 3 beeps at first; some loading all the way; then monitor shutting down;
or keyboard is not working etc.. so had many problems today; and it was about
3 days ago go the nv4_disp error.

No mention of the error in the start up problems; so my question is - before
i install the correct graphic update driver for my system; is my problems I'm
having today starting up; caused from this nv4_disp problem?


"nass" wrote:

"casey511" wrote:

Hi, I read thru other entries to see resolution for this error message

But before I update my driver; want to explain what happened as did not see
same in others.

Few days ago got that error message nv4_disp and infinite loop, and sys
restarted or I did, and all came up fine.

now, 3 days later; at today; i turn on sys, and in 6 or so attempts all
different problems occur;

on one start up 3 beeps, pc runs, no video

on another sys starts up; video fades (the video of windows xp starting)

on another 3 beeps and nothing.

all of these hang sooner or later somewhere in the start up sequence.

So, my question is;

for this nv4_disp error; I see the resolution is to update the graphics
driver; but do any of these start up problems above make any sense; occurring
3 days or so after the error message, no troubles until today on start up?

Thank you,
Read this link before updates:
NVIDIA Forums -> Nv4_disp.dll Infinite Loop Finally FIXED!

ForceWare Release 80

Nvidia Graphic card Check for updated drivers for your graphics


It's reading like a hardware problem, either the power supply, or the
nVidia card.

Joe =o)