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On Mar 27, 10:11 am, "PA Bear [MS MVP]" <PABear...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Apples vs oranges, I'm afraid: Ad-Aware is an anti-spyware/adware
application while BitDefender is an anti-virus application.
I investigate the Events in General (lefthand) of BitDefender, which
contains Antispyware and Antivirus.
I scan by using Full Scan mode and Quick Scan mode.
The Full-Scan finished results are shown in events of Antispyware.
The Quick-Scan finished results are shown in events of Antivirus.

I would highly recommend installing Windows Defender, Mike.

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[I had no idea BitDefender offered a free AV app. Thanks.]
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Mike wrote:
I have both ad-aware 2007 (free) & bitdefender (free v10 OEM)
I have used them for over half years.
Ad-aware usually detects more than 5 infections everyday; however,
bitdefender detects nearly nothing.
I use Full system scan in bitdefender and smart scan in ad-aware only.
I am wondering why?  Do you have a similar result?

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