RE: Generic USB mouse and Keyboard not recognized

Possibly a problem with the Motherboard, check the USB connections to the

"Scott T." wrote:


I have numerous Dell Optiplex desktops running XP. Recently, I've been
having a problem with the USB ports.

These are new computers. They are all setup with the same programs and
setttings. We've done about 30 computers in the past year or two and we just
started having the problem recently.

We setup the computer the way we need and somewhere along the way the USB
ports get messed up. All of a sudden the computer stops recognizing a basic
Dell USB keyboard or mouse. When we plug one in we get the New Hardware
Wizard. We run that, but XP says it can't find the driver. These are the
free keyboards and
mice that come with the computers.

What's more, if we go into Add Printer, all of the resident print drivers
are gone. They were definitely there at the beginning. It seems like
Windows loses it's connection to the USB drivers resident in the OS.

The USB ports do function as they will recognize a USB flash drive. The
keyboard functions in BIOS.

We can't figure out when this is happening. Most of the time we get the
computers fully setup and ready for install without a problem. Something is
happening along the way. The crazy thing is we haven't changed the way we
setup systems. We follow a written set of instructions.

We've done virus scans and found nothing. Dell is of no help either.

Any ideas?