Re: "Paste" Doesn't Work

Try Ctrl+Insert(copy) and Shift+Insert(paste) that sometimes works when the "r-button" menu fails.

someone wrote:
Thanks. I tested the copy and paste with Microsoft Word, and it works. However, I tried copying and pasting chess games from an email into a chess software, and they didn't work. But the strange thing is that I was always able to copy and paste those types of game notations into the chess software successfully before. I had noticed that I could not even copy some stuff from some websites since the website would not allow that, but I had been able to copy chess notations on emails before.

"1034" is 1034 mb. I've left that as it is.

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Windows XP Pro, Dell 4100. Recently, after I select "copy" from
"edit" I cannot "paste" the copied matter. In fact, "paste" is
grayed out.


Some files (i.e., some PDFs) are rigged such that the contents cannot be copied. I think with these files you can seemingly "copy" but there's really nothing in the clipboard, so subsequent "paste" is unavailable.