Re: Does rundll32.exe supplies missing parameters??

My question relates more to what a .bat file does.
Or maybe it is what rundll32.exe does.

I've seen the declaration of SetSuspendState and it requires 3 parameters.

But the example I gave supplies one parameter, Hibernate, which isn't set to
I imagine it is initialized to zero which is false to SetSuspendState.

But when rundll32 calls SetSuspendState it needs to supply 3 parameters and
I've only told it that there is 1 parameter.

If SetSuspendState is called with 1 parameter I wonder if it will grab junk
from the stack for the other two.


"Newbie Coder" <newbiecoder@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

The statement you wrote about is the following:

run the powrprof.dll calling the SetSuspendState function passing the
Hibernate as a
boolean parameter


The function declaration is in C++ but the boolean are either TRUE or

As you see the function declaration is in PowrProf.h header

Simple, isn't it?

Newbie Coder
(It's just a name)

"Academia" <academiaNOSPAM@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
If this statement appears alone in a .bat file it causes hibernation
rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState Hibernate

SetSuspendState takes 3 parameters.
What does the above statement supply as parameters?

Why does "Hibernate" have a value?