Solved: Exception Processing Message c00000a3

I think I've got my solution.

In my original post I wrote that I recently removed my diskette drive and disabled it in the BIOS. Well for someone reason, it became enabled again in the BIOS. Don't know why...probably something I did wrong. For example, when I took out the diskette drive I left the data cable was attached to the motherboard.

In any case, I removed the cable and disabled the diskette drive in the BIOS again and now things seem to be just fine.


"Daddy" <daddy@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:XdqdnUskBtbi5RfanZ2dnUVZ_tuonZ2d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
XP Home SP 2

Here is the complete text of the error message I see after Windows starts:

Windows - Drive Not Ready
Exception Processing Message c00000a3 Parameters 75b6bf9c 4 75b6bf9c 75b6bf9c

I googled for this error message and saw several different 'solutions', none from sources I trust. The message appears after Windows has started, and after I 'cancel' the message Windows seems to be working just fine.

Seems like a drive problem, obviously. No messages in Event Viewer. I'd like to know what this message is all about and what I need to do to make it ago away.

(Hopefully) helpful hints:

The first time I saw this message: I started my computer with an external hard drive attached - everything fine - shutdown Windows normally, powered off the computer, removed the external hard drive, restarted the computer and whamo - error message.

I recently removed my diskette drive and disabled it in the BIOS. I've restarted my computer many times since then and never saw the error message.

My DVD burner (attached to the secondary IDE channel as master) has been flakey lately and I've been thinking of replacing it.

Appreciate your help.