Re: Why does my Windows mouse pointer become a 4-way scroll arrow?

JPCMISC wrote:

This is annoying thing #2 in my Windows environment, is also something that started happening fairly recently (late last year I think):
As I work in Windows, my mouse pointer--that nice little white arrow--turns into a black 4-way arrow pointing N-S-E-W. It still appears to function the exact same way, but trying to work with it is, well, annoying. Because it stays there no matter what application I'm running or no matter what the context.

I can't get back to the default mouse pointer until I reboot or go into my Control Panel->Mouse->Pointers dialog and unselect and reselect "Windows Default (system scheme)". Until I do so, the "Customize:" list for the default scheme shows this same 4-way arrow for all modes (Normal, Help, Working in Background, Busy, etc).

What's going on??? What is telling Windows to change my default mouse scheme?

Not a Windows XP "standard" pointer. Just when did this pointer started
to appear, such as after visiting a new website or after downloading a
file or installing a map program, for instance? Might want to consider
running anti-malware, anti-spyware and anti-spyware programs to check
for unwanted files.