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Thank you Daave! I already answered the questions, but before I send them
to you, is it possible to do the few last emails we may have, privately, so
as not to disturb the group? I tried sending you this msg by clicking on
the "Reply" button instead of "Reply All" thinking this would go to you
only, but it bounced instead. Is there a way to do it privately? I don't
know whether I should put my email addy here for you? Adela

"Daave" <dcwashNOSPAM@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I agree we should be wrapping this up soon. But we could go on just a
bit more to clear up some confusion you still have. :-)

Adela wrote:

***1. What kind of disk is this: full or upgrade? Retail or generic
* The home ed. I got from MS must be an "upgrade" from the Pro. I
don't know whether retail or generic; it came directly from MS
headquarters (I couldn't believe it!). I know WinXP Pro was an
upgrade from Win98 by that cheater....

You didn't answer my question!

I am presuming this is a full, retail version of Windows XP Home. What
is printed on the disk?

FYI, it's impossible to upgrade from Pro to Home. But it is possible to
upgrade from 98 to XP Home (that's why I asked the question).

But from the rest of the post, I'm reasonably sure you have the full,
retail version. If you can verify that, it would be good.

***2. Did you perform a clean install of Windows XP Home?
* Another techi came to install it so I dont' know, but I think he
probably left in the WinXP Pro because it's still in the Add/Remove
and also in Belarc... I can call and ask him.

A clean install involves erasing everything and starting from scratch.
Since Belarc is showing you also have Windows XP Pro (as you mentioned
below), the tech must have done it wrong.

But later, you indicated Windows XP Pro is *NOT* showing up in your
Belarc report!!!

That is, he was supposed have done a clean install! (Since Windows XP
Pro was not legit, it needs to be removed!)

But you are still confusing Windows with Office! Your operating system
(Windows) will never show up in Add/Remove (but you will see it listed
in a Belarc report).

***Is it possible you have *two* operating systems on your PC? One XP
Home and one XP Pro?
* Both the XP Home and the XP Pro are in Belarc, but neither is in
Add/Remove...In A/R I only see Office XP Pro.

Correct. You will not see your operating system (Windows) in Add/Remove.

***Did this tech install Office? *Yes, he did, that's why it
appears in A/R and in Belarc.
***Did he give you the disk? *He handed me a large envelope with,
as he said, "all I need."
***It's possible you never got the disk, correct? That is, I need to
know if your installation of Office is genuine or not.
* I'm not sure whether I actually saw it or not, but I'll bet that
if the main CD, the WinXP Pro was false, the Office has got to also
be false; no doubt!

If your Office is not legit, you will either need to purchase a new one
(I doubt MS will give you one... but you never know...) or perhaps use
Open Office, which is free:

You could also opt to just install a standalone version of Word. Your

***You said you were trying to "delete" Office. What exactly did you
do? Deleting and uninstalling are two different things.
* No, I was trying to delete XP Pro. If I deleted instead the
Office that explains why I can't open Word...however, if I deleted
Office instead of my intended XP Pro, why is Office still showing in
A/R and in Belarc??? We need Sherlock Holmes!

(a clarification of terms:)

Operating systems can't be deleted. And in your case, they can't be
uninstalled, either. The only way to remove an operating system is to
format your hard drive and perform a clean install of another operating

Programs (for the most part) can't be deleted. You may uninstall
programs, and this is usually done from Add/Remove. As I said before,
deleting and uninstalling are different things. Deleting involves
sending files to the Recycle Bin. That's why I asked what you did
exactly. If you were literally trying to "delete" Office, this would
cause problems.

You must not have totally uninstalled Office if it's still showing up in
Add/Remove. If you had a legit version, I'd suggest that you repair the
installation (which very well might require using the missing Office
installation disk).

***Wow! That's an old PC. I believe these were the original specs:
450-MHz Pentium III
6.4 GB hard drive
* Yes, I bought it around 7 years ago with 128MB RAM.

***I'm sure you have upgraded memory at the very least (and hopefully
the hard drive as well). What are the current specs?
* A few months ago I got another 250MB RAM. It came with a 13.6GB
hard drive, and about a year ago I replaced it with one around 40GB.
Amazingly my computer still works perfectly, even Belarc commented
under my hd: "SMART status: healthy" ;o) Motherboard: Intel

Although it's good you upgraded the RAM and hard drive, your PC's specs
are far from ideal in order to run XP (but configured properly, it's
doable). In fact, rather than spending money on tech services, you can
find a blisteringly fast new PC that comes with XP Home for less than
$400. Example:

***Operating systems can't be deleted. What exactly did you do with
the Windows XP Home disk? You must not have installed it since you're
still running the non-genuine Windows XP Pro.
* I have it in a secure place so I won't lose it and it has been
installed.. I don't think I'm not running the WinXP Pro.

The reason I had asked earlier what type of disk you had is that
different licenses permit different levels of use. For instance, a
generic OEM disk is tied to the PC on which it is installed and cannot
be used on any other PC. A retail license/disk can be transferred to
another PC (provided that it's removed from the first PC).

The easiest way to tell which OS you're running is to right-click My

***In the paragraph above, you said that Belarc is showing that you
are running "Windows (XP)Professional." But in another post (the one
where you included your Product Key!), you said Belarc reported you
were running Windows XP Home. Which is it? Both, perhaps?

* Let me resume what I have exactly:
In ADD/REMOVE I have : Microsoft Office XP Professional with Front
Page. ONLY, that's all.
In BELARC I have all of these:
Under "Operating System": Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service
Pack 2 (Build 2600).
Under "Software Licenses": Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (with
key code).
Under "Software Version": Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
Version. (version #)

* Still in BELARC I have:
Under "Installed Microsoft HotFixes": Microsoft Office XP Pro with
Front Page
Under "software Licenses": Microsoft Office XP Pro with Front Page
Under "Software Version": Microsoft Office XP Version (version #)

You changed it again!!!

I don't see Windows XP Pro listed anywhere! (In a previous post you said
you saw it listed in your Belarc report, but all I see is Office!)

If this is the case, you are legit with regard to your operating system.
However, Office may very well not be legit, as we already covered.

***I wonder if you *do* have two operating systems. When you boot,
are you given a choice?
* No, I'm not given any choice of OS.

With the new info you posted above, it looks like you only have Windows
XP Home. I hope *that* much has been resolved. :-)

***Why don't you open up boot.ini and copy the text and post it here?
For more info:
* Oh Daave, this is too difficult and I'm afraid I may make a worse
mess, so I'll pass for now.

Good idea. Not necessary now.

Thanks so very much, but we better stop here as it seems to get more
and more complicated. I cna't do this to you. I'm sure you agree
that the best course to take is wait for MS answer.

I doubt MS will give you a free copy of Office, but I guess it's
possible since you reported the "cheater tech." If not, either install a
stand-alone Word or the free Open Office. If you only want to install a
word processor, I've had good experience with AbiWord (also free):

I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Safe, Peaceful
and Happy New Year!! Adela

And a very happy Christmas and prosperous new year to you, too, Adela!