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bslepian@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I have a 7-yr old dell and through the years I've accumulated a lot of
programs & files that I don't need and are slowing down the
performance. I decided to reformat C: (wipe everything clean) and
reinstall C: I backed up all the files onto a secondary interal
drive...then booted up from the XP disk. After C: was reformated, I
had to reboot then load started copying files, got all the way
to the end, but said it couldn't copy some 'system' folder (I think).
So, then I started again...this time doing a quick format and
installing. It started copying files but this time only got to about
4% complete and said it couldn't copy some 'odbc' file. I 've tried
numerous times and it always stops at some point where it can't copy a
certain file. Now, I can't even format just hangs up. Do I
need a new harddrive? Are my files that I backed up on the secondary
drive safe? Is it possible that bad memory has anything to do with
it? I recently purchased two 512 PCI133. I installed these a month
ago...they were recognized, but the computer wasn't working, so I put
back in the old memory. I thought the reinstall might solve this
problem too.

Problems copying files or corrupted files during installation (even a Repair installation) are most often caused by defective, incompatible, or sub-standard hardware; in order of likelihood, either RAM, the hard drive, or the motherboard. On very rare occasions the CD drive or installation CD is the problem.

Start with testing the RAM. You might try MemTest86: It's free. Then you can download and use the hard drive manufacturer's diagnostic utility to test the hard drive. If both RAM and hard drive test out clean, check with the motherboard manufacturer for any diagnostic utilities.


Bruce Chambers

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