Re: "Lost" MS Word.....

Good grief, Adela, this thread is getting harder to follow because of
information overload! I will do my best, and forgive me if I ask
questions you already answered in other posts. My feedback will be

Adela wrote:

I called a techi last year (2006) to fix my computer. He said,
instead of fixing, better I'll upgrade to WinXP. I didn't know what
he did but he charged me a lot so I thought I was getting a great new
stuff! Then I saw all
those popup "non genuine" msgs by MS so I called him about it and he
denied it and said he sold me the best, THE professional version, but
didn't want to come
and see the popups for himself. So I wrote to the CEO of MS
complaing about their popup msgs. They said it IS non genuine and if
I send them the disk AND the name
and contact of the techi they'd send me a free CD for home use. I
didn't want to report him but I couldn't afford bying it all over
again so I sent them the disk and that's
how I got the proper Home Ed. However...I didn't know he also had
sold me the Word Office Professionl ....until I accidentally deleted
it and you know the rest when I was so perplexed and started asking
help,.but it's more than weird that I can't find the CD in my apt.
after I looked all over several times. I never missed it because
since he installed it I never needed to use fact I thought
the Windows CD was all I needed. I called this techi a couple of
days ago to lend me his disk but he got angry and hung up on me.

A Tech installed a pirated version of the Windows XP Pro operating
system on your PC. You gave him a chance to make things right, but he
declined. You reported this to Microsoft, so it's no surprise he's angry
at you! (But that's just too bad for him; it's all his doing.) They sent
you a Windows XP Home installation disk. More questions:

1. What kind of disk is this: full or upgrade? Retail or generic OEM?
2. Did you perform a clean install of Windows XP Home?

Is it possible you have *two* operating systems on your PC? One XP Home
and one XP Pro?

***Now, you said there was no entry for Office in your Add/Remove
programs. Is there evidence of it in your Belarc report? And if there
is, please don't post the ID or key!!!

Add/Remove, has been showing: in Add/Remove "Microsoft Office XP
Professional with
Front Page". It also says: "170,000 MB"; "Last used: 5-25-07".
10.0.6626.0." And a "Readme" link which won't open.

Belarc, is showing it 2 times: under Installed MS Hotfixes: "Microsoft
Office XP Professional with Front Page", and under Software Licenses:
"Microsoft Office XP Professional with Front Page" (and the long key

IF I deleted the Office, I don't know why it's sitll in the Add/Remove
program, in Belarc and also the Word icon is on the desktop though it
won't open?

Did this tech install Office? Did he give you the disk? It's possible
you never got the disk, correct? That is, I need to know if your
installation of Office is genuine or not.

You said you were trying to "delete" Office. What exactly did you do?
Deleting and uninstalling are two different things.

***What is the make and model of your PC? Where did you get it from?
Was it new or used? Do you have any Certificate of Authenticity
stickers either on the PC case or elsewhere? (Don't broadcast IDs or
product keys!!!)

Dell Dimension XPS T450 bought directly from the Dell Co. new, came
with Win98. No CD. Only a floppy square disk 3.5" but hard that I
never had to use, and with Word97. It never came with Office that I
know. It came with manuals and other floppies which I never had to
use either. Yes, my PC has a Certif. of Authentication...(No, I'm
not identifying anything any more, thanks!) :o)

Wow! That's an old PC. I believe these were the original specs:

450-MHz Pentium III
6.4 GB hard drive

I'm sure you have upgraded memory at the very least (and hopefully the
hard drive as well). What are the current specs?

***What did you think you deleted from Add/Remove? My guess is that
you deleted Office XP Pro.
What exactly is the entry? Is it "Microsoft Office XP Professional"
by any chance?

My intention was to delete WindowsXP Professional after I got the new
WindowsXP HOME ED. but the Windows Professional still shows in
Belarc(?) though NOT in Add/Remove. It's ok, I won't bother with
things that are still there but I no longer use. I also thought
that I might've erroneously deleted the entry: Microsoft Office XP
Professional...but this too still shows up in Add/Remove AND in tons
of security and other updates for this Office XP Pro...I still
confuse these 2 - I'm going bananas! LOL!

I hope you now understand that Microsoft Windows is the name of the
operating system and Microsoft Office is the name of the suite of office
applications. Operating systems can't be deleted. What exactly did you
do with the Windows XP Home disk? You must not have installed it since
you're still running the non-genuine Windows XP Pro.

I'm really confused!

In the paragraph above, you said that Belarc is showing that you are
running "Windows (XP)Professional." But in another post (the one where
you included your Product Key!), you said Belarc reported you were
running Windows XP Home. Which is it? Both, perhaps?

And since it's impossible to perform an in-place (that is, keeping all
your files, settings, and programs intact) downgrade from Pro to Home,
in order for you to be legit, you need to perform what is known as a
Clean Install -- directly from the Windows XP Home disk. If you wish to
be legit, you will wind up losing your Office installation. *If* you own
a legit license to use Office (I'm not sure we have established this),
then you can always reinstall it. You need the disk and the Product Key
from your Belarc report.

I wonder if you *do* have two operating systems. When you boot, are you
given a choice?

Why don't you open up boot.ini and copy the text and post it here? For
more info:

To view hidden files:

Control Panel-->Folder Options-->View-->Show Hidden files.

Another question you had asked:

What could exactly happen if others use my key?

It just takes one person to use it and claim to have the license during
a phone call. Once this happens, the next time your PC phones home to
Microsoft, you'll start getting the non-genuine messages again. If you
can prove you have the license, then hopefully Microsoft will issue you
another key.