RE: MSinfo32.exe not starting

Extract a New Copy of "mshtml.dll" from the "DllCache" and Put it in
"System32" .. Now try to Register it

"SSj4Monkey" wrote:

Tried the steps provided in this forum topic. I am able to bring up the Help
and Support center via the F1 key. But am still unable to bring up MSinfo.
Also, when I tried to register mshtml.dll it gave me this:

"mshtml.dll was loaded, but the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found.
This file can not be registered."

I continued and applied the others below and above and still a no go. This
one that wasn't able to be register I take it might have something to do with

"Devil_Himself" wrote:

Have a look at this Thread

"SSj4Monkey" wrote:

Whenever I try to start msinfo32.exe, I get the hourglass next to the cursor
like the system is trying to open the program then nothing. No error
messages, nothing. Is there a way to actually get msinfo32.exe to actually