Re: Attempts to format G: hard drive partition fail

I still do not know how to download the CD that Alias refers to. It might
be useful in the future.

However, I learned that it was a hardware (jumper setting) issue, and have
since reformatted the HD

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I previously downloaded the Disk Wizard. The PDF manual is 56 pages long.
I scanned through it, and did not see any utility functionality to force
reformatting of the disk situation that I have.

Can you direct my attention to any part of the manual that addresses my

Sorry, I've never read the manual. I used the CD once and when you set
your computer to boot from the CDROM and the program loads, it's obvious
what you should do. Choose the "quick format", although it isn't very
quick. If you choose the full format, it will take hours.


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Device Manager indicates that the 60GB HD is a Maxtor 96147H6. I went
to the Seagate website, and searched on "reformat" but the only thing I
found so far was a reference/redirection to a Windows KB article on how
to use Disk Management.

Because Disk Management utterly fails to format the
logical G: drive, I need another approach.
Today, I used Disk Management to delete the partition/logical drive G:.
Then I deleted the F: partition also. Then I asked for F: to be
reformatted, actually expecting to be able to achieve a reformat of the
entire 60GB HD. Instead, Disk Management indicates that F: is only
about 30 GB in size; as was the former partition.

What should I try next?

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We bought a new 320 GB internal drive and installed WinXP Pro on it.
A previous user of a 60 GB hard drive seems to have partitioned it
into two partitions of approx. 30 GB each. Drive letters are F and
G. We reformatted Logical drive F: NTFS without a problem. All
attempts to format G: fail. It is not possible to open G:. What we
want to do is reformat the entire 60GB physical drive, as a single

I have lost my notes on the navigation path to get to "Disk
Management" but when I got there, F: was identified as NTFS and
"healthy" but G had no File System type shown, although it was also
called "healthy."

Please remind me of how to navigate to the Disk Management utility.
Getting there will not enable me to format G, as my attempts have
failed completely, but I want to know for future maintenance.
Right click on My Computer, choose Manage :-)

Please tell me how I can force the operating system to delete both
partitions and reformat the entire 60GB.
I would use a floppy from the hard disk manufacturer but
Seagate/Maxtor isn't offering floppies any more. What brand name is
your hard drive? If Seagate or Maxtor, go to the Seagate web site and
download their CD which can wipe the HD clean and then partition and
format it. Warning: it can take awhile for the process to complete if
you use the CD. Be patient.