Re: How can I know that someone is using my computer using VPN

indianjimcarrey2001@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Say I have given given access to some one to access my computer on

Later I forgot about it to remove that access.

How can I know that some one is accessing PC using VPN. is there any
kind of indication shows up on desktop that some is watching you by
accessing your PC.

Say I am writing my personal mail and tha guy is watching me by
opening the account on VPN.

please tell me more ..



Watching you? Well, no, not really. Think of VPN as a long Ethernet cable.
All it's doing is connecting someone's computer to yours. It doesn't
innately confer upon them the ability to spy on you in realtime in the sense
of watching you move your mouse across the screen. That doesn't mean they
couldn't have installed something that *does* let them do this (or capture
your keystrokes, such as a keylogger), but VPN alone isn't the culprit. VPN
could let them see *files* on your computer just as you'd look at files on
any networked computer, though.

Cutting to the chase, what's the purpose of your question this
academic, or are you worried you've got a security breach?