Re: PC enters sleep mode on boot up and won't wake up

What method do you use in attempting to wake it? Is your mouse and keyboard
set to bring it out of sleep mode?
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Don't bother buying a new computer, unless you order one with XP. I've had
Vista since July and my computer goes into the sleep mode nearly every
And it's impossible to wake it up. I have to unplug it, and then plug it
again. And then it may boot, or just as likely, may not boot. It's a pain
the booty - no pun intended!

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Does anyone have a clue why my desktop PC now keeps entering sleep mode
seconds after being switched on? It is taking dozens of restarts before
completes. I have made no changes to power settings. I have run chkdsk
created a new boot segment - without avail.

Any help much appreciated.


Sounds like a hardware error.

You need to describe more fully what is happening.

A "few" seconds. 3, 10, 20?

Can you hear the PC beep, does it behave the same if you turn off power
the PC, i.e. from the wall, then turn it on.

Off hand either VGA or PSU.