Unknown network traffic and svchost.exe


I am having a problem with my PC (Windows XP Home Edition/SP2).

The problem is that I see a large amount of network traffic from
Windows Task Manager when I have absolutely no application running. I
did some investigation and found out that the svchost.exe is the one
who does it...the one started with "C:\WINDOWS \system32\svchost -k
DcomLaunch". By the way, I have stopped Windows Firewall using
ZoneAlarm and turn off Windows Auto Update as well. I then used the
Packet Analyzer and found that the traffic is HTTP/TCP that it tried
to establish the connection with some websites (the websites changes
over the time). The connection dropped right away after it established
and this process repeated all the time...

I have no idea why it does it and how bad it is...I checked the
svchost.exe and found no problem with the file (used Virustotal).

Any help is highly appreciated.




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