Re: firewall popup warning, but firewall is ENABLED!

Ogg wrote:
I always get a firewall warning popup even though the firewall (via System Security) clearly indicates that the firewall is on. I am using dialup for internet. The warning popop only occurs after I boot up the computer and use the dialup service the FIRST time. Until the popup actually displays, the dialup session stalls and doesn't proceed. After the popup balloon has reported "no firewall", only then the dialup proceeds. What could be causing this problem, and can it be fixed?

And the name of your firewall is? If it isn't the built in Windows firewall, the pop up is merely showing that the Security Center isn't recognizing your firewall immediately and is nothing to worry about. You can turn off this notification in the configuration of the Security Center. If your firewall is the built in Windows firewall, I don't know what to tell you except to get Comodo, a free, third party firewall.

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