Re: Can not find dictionary, please assist?

You're welcome and thanks for the feedback!

Keep on mind that I'm not an expert on the workings of this utility since I've
only used it twice myself. If my memory is correct, clean installation of all
applications is a requirement. The selection of details can only be done during
the collection of data and if one selects the customized option for advanced
users, one must be very familiar with inner workings of the system.

I rely on using Acronis True Image to make a complete backup of the new
partition. In this case, I'd create a backup before transferring the file and
settings to the new installation. I wouldn't rely on System Restore for this.
Under your proposed scenario, multiple collections would be required. Too much
work for me. <g>

I know of no way to view the contents of the collected data file but one can
extract its contents using the fastconv utility.This tool is called the Fastconv
Extraction Tool.

See paragraphs 6 & 7 in the section titled, "Reminders & Troubleshooting", in
this article for details of how to get this tool with procedures:

File And Settings Transfer (FAST for short)

Good luck!

"Mark G." <askmefirst@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Cool. Thanks for the info. That FAST utility can be handy! I know I have
looked at it before, but never really messed with it. Being that I want many
of my applications to be a fresh install and all and I already backup things
with another program outside of Windows, I decided on just backing up the
settings. Not sure if I will use them, but before deciding if so, I was
curious if there was an easy way to find out what is contained in each
setting? Also, upon restore, will I be able to select lets say just certain
features within 'display properties' for instance rather than everything
contained therein? Thanks much.

"David Webb" <dwebb211@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
If you're using the Microsoft spellchecker, look for the file custom.dic
in the
Documents and Settings folder.

There are various methods to backup your settings, one of which you should
consider is using Windows XP's native F.A.S.T. utility. It's designed to
transfer the applicable program data files and settings of your choosing
one system to another and
it can also be used for backup purposes. See this link for a comprehensive
discussion and tips on how to use it:

Files and Settings Transfer Wizard

Here's the MSKB article on this subject:

HOW TO: Use Files and Settings Transfer Wizard in Windows XP;en-us;293118

Be aware that passwords will not make the trip...that's by design There's
workaround procedure in the Windows Support Center link.

Also, if you go this way, be sure to give the backup a simple test for
corruption by initiating the restore wizard to start only.

Here's a link to a website that addresses corrupt backup files:

Dealing with corrupt Files and Settings Transfer Wizard (F.A.S.T) image

An alternative to backing up and reinstalling everything is to try to
the existing hard drive in the new system. This procedure is well worth a
but make your backups just in case this doesn't go well.

Simply follow the applicable procedures in the section titled, "Upgrade an
existing motherboard" in this MS tech article:

How to replace the motherboard on a computer that is running Windows
2003, Windows XP, or Windows 2000;en-us;824125

One note of caution, be sure that your OS setup CD contains the same SP
as the installed OS on the HDD. If not, create a new CD with the latest SP

Good luck!

"Mark G." <askmefirst@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Am about to upgrade the hardware in my machine to include reinstalling
windows xp. Anyhow, I am trying to find the file that saves the entries
make when spell checker is on for various programs. Thought it was a
file, but a search comes up with nothing. Do I not have something setup
correctly in my folder options for viewing? is it another file?

On another note, with this reinstall, is there any way to backup other
of customization that may help without it containing corrupt or too much
info? If so, then what and how to go about it?

Thanks much.