RE: STOP 0x51 Registry Error


Thanks for reply. Yes, I too think HDD on blink - it gets VERY hot. Aleady
saved documents just in case it goes. PC is P4 2Ghz and probably 5+ years
old. Using my CD to repair existing if possible. Have FDD recovery disc but
this will put back to factory settings. Neighbour will buy new PC rather
than do this or clean install.

"nass" wrote:

Hi Barrowhill,
That explain one thing, the Hard drive is going bad, try to download the
Diagnostic tools from the HDD manufacturer website and test the HDD health!.
Hook up this machine as a Slave drive and rescue the Data and perform a
clean install, bear in Mind you will need the same CD version for this
machine (i.e Retail Vs OEM version) if yours a Full Retail and this machine
OEM, then you broke the EULA and this machine taken the license for this CD
software and any other machine having this license deemed Pirated or
illegitimate copy.
If it is not that old the owner can contact the vendor/manufacturer for a
Recovery CD for a charge$$.

"barrowhill" wrote:


Thanks for infor but you missed my point in the first paragraph....XP Home
CD inserted and boots on startups. Option 1 - Try Recovery console; BSOD
Registry Error Stop 0x51. Reboot and try Option 2 : Fresh Install or Repair
Install; hit F8 to accept licence, BSOD Regsitry Error Stop 0x51. (Cannot
use last known, safe mode etc either)

So, having original CD is no good. Cannot get to any functioning part i.e
to use recovery console or try a repair or even a fresh install.

RAM been tested OK but changed and still no good

"nass" wrote:

"barrowhill" wrote:

My neighbour asked me to look at their machine that had started to
continually reboot. Having turned off the restart on failure, I could see
that the problem was a Registry Error with Stop code 0x51.

I've had no joy in in being able to setup windows, repair windows or use
recovery console to restart windows (XP Home). At every turn I get BSOD.

I've requested yesterday hotfix from Microsoft having submitted an online
request (why can't I download directly??) but still waiting. No doubt won't
receive anything until after weekend.

In meantime I used my copy of XP Pro and tried to run recovery console from
this - I'd seen a reference on net on error code from someone who'd had exact
same problem.

Like them, when selecting windows installation it didn't BSOD but asked for
Administrators password. There isn't one but it's still expected. Is there
a "default " password? Is Pro Recovery Console different to Home version ??

If there is a default password appreciate knowing or if someone has hotfix
for XP Home to save waiting, appreciate link.


This refer to a corrupt/damaged Hardware driver on this machine!.
Try first System Restore to a Date when things were okay or Boot into Safe
Mode and have a look in both Device manager for Malfunctioning Devices or IRQ
conflict and also Event Viewer as instructed below.

How to recover from a corrupted registry that prevents Windows XP from

List of base operating system fixes in Windows XP Service Pack 2

"STOP 0x00000051" or "STOP 0x0000001E" error message when you start
Configuration Manager in Windows 2000 Server or in Windows XP

How to Recover from a Corrupted Registry

You may have a bad RAM try to test your RAM by running Memory test by
downloading this tool and unzip it and make a floppy or CD/DVD and run it on
You may need to reposition/reset the RAM sticks in their slots.
Open a Notepad, customize or minimize to the taskbar as you will need it
later for this step to copy the error message on it.
Open a run command and type in:
eventvwr.msc click [OK] you will get the Event viewer control Panel.
click on each of these:
Look in the right Pane/window for error message with red (X) or Yellow
exclamation mark /!\ , double click each one to get more info about the
On the Event error properties message you will see:
Up Arrow
Down arrow
Two pages
Click on the two pages to copy the error message then bring up the Notepad
you opened earlier and right click on the first line and select Paste from
the list, this will paste the error message on a Notepad.
Please don't duplicate the error message one of each kind will be sufficient.
HOW TO: View and Manage Event Logs in Event Viewer in Windows XP
Let us know.