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| I am an admin. on my own system and something locked up my desktop
| It is currently a spyware warning message. How can I get by wallpapers
| and be able to choose them again?
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| Dan Kloeckner

Two part reply..

Perform Part 1 then perform Part 2.

If the first two parts don't work, perform the alternate utility.

It is suggested that you execute each tool in Normal Mode then in Safe

If you are using any version of Sun Java that is prior to JRE Version
then you are strongly urged to remove any/all versions that are prior to
Version 5.0. There are vulnerabilities in them and they are actively
being exploited.
It is possible that is how you got infected with malware.

Therefore, it is highly suggested that if there are any prior versions of
Sun Java
to Version 5 on the PC that they be removed and Sun Java JRE Version 5.0
Update 6
be installed ASAP.

Part 1

Use noahdfear's SmitFraud and SpyAxe removal tool -- SmitRem.exe

Part 2

Download SmitFraud.exe from the URL --

Execute; SmitFraud.exe { Note: You must accept the default of
C:\McAfee }
Choose; Unzip
Choose; Close

NOTE: You may have to disable your software FireWall or allow WGET.EXE to
go through your
FireWall to enable WGET.EXE to download the needed McAfee related files.

Execute; c:\mcafee\clean.bat
{ or Double-click on 'Clean Link' in c:\mcafee }

A final report in HTML format called C:\mcafee\ScanReport.HTML will be
generated. At the
end of the scan, it will be displayed in your browser (Opera, FireFox or
Internet Explorer).
It is suggested that you move the report out of c:\mcafee before
performing another scan.


Secured2K's SpyAxe, PSGuard, Smitfraud, Sinnaka and Alemod removal tool.

Please Copy and Paste the contents of the HTML Log file;
C:\mcafee\ScanReport.HTML in your

* * * Please report back your results * * *