Re: Can I trust the Geek Squad?

I had a Geek Squad experience that I'll share. It wasn't
like your description, but I'll just relate the details, and
you can be the judge.

I purchased a new Gateway desktop from Best Buy, and 7-8 months later it
failed to boot. Well, I didn't know
what was wrong with it, but I could tell the HDD was not
spinning up. So, I boxed it up, and returned it to BB.

I don't know how this retailer operates, but somehow the
desktop was routed to the GS desk. The technician tried
the boot, and confirmed the box as failing.

Then, they told me the box would have to be sent off to
somewhere in Georgia for repair. I was livid that BB or
Gateway would just not fix it there, or provide another.
They tried to charge for the repair, until I pointed out
that the system was only 8 months old.

But, they insisted that the warranty work would require
this send off. Additionally, the memory stick reader had
never worked, so I included that in the work ticket. I
was told in my many BB management conversations
that the only systems fixed locally/onsite are the ones that
need only the most elementary attention. All other get
shipped off to one of these service centers around the

In about a week, the box arrived at my home, from the
Georgia repair facility. I didn't even open the shipment.
I took it immediately to BB/GS to have them open it and
check out the repair.

The system was checked, and everything was now work-
ing fine. We looked at the accompanying work ticket, and
the clowns in Georgia had replied that they'd found no
problems, and had done nothing for repair. <yeah right>

The reason I was so livid was that the system contained
hordes of personal information, and I was very worried
about shipping that information across the country. As
it was, I had to change accounts/passwords, close some
accounts, and fraud alert other records. Although they
verbally assured me that my information would be safe,
they would offer no such written assurance. They basic-
ally said if I wanted it fixed on a new system warranty,
it's goin' to Georgia. If not, I can fix it myself.

But, BB/GS did as they said, I guess. I mean, they ship-
ped off the system, fixed it(even though they say they
didn't), and sent it back. Although it was supposed to
be shipped back to BB/GS, rather than to me.

So, I guess they can be trusted, even though they lied
about finding nothing wrong. But, that doesn't speak
well for the diagnostic tactics that you mention. I can't
offer any information on their diagnostic techniques.


"Harry Ohrn" <harry---@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Ask if you can speak with a few of their customers. If they have nothing
to hide they should be able to set that up for you.


Harry Ohrn MS MVP [Shell\User]

<nomail1983@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I am having a couple problems with Windows and common application
(Adobe Flash), and I have exhausted my ability to troubleshoot and
remedy them. I need an "expert". But I am leery. By "expert", I
mean someone who knows enough about Windows XP (Pro 2002 SP2) to truly
problem-solve, not someone who simply walks down a troubleshooting
tree that has "reload Windows" on the 2nd or 3rd branch -- and not a
"hacker" who tries random changes in the hope of stumbling upon a

Does anyone have first-hand experience with the Geek Squad?
Preferably someone who is not an employee of GS ;-). Can I trust them?