Re: Recovering files from SimpleTech external hard drive to new laptop

Then you should be able to do a straightforward copy. The issue may be
the ACLs ( Permissions on the folder/files ) on the removable drive. You
may need to take ownership of the Removable drive's contents.
*This only applies if the removable drive is formatted NTFS

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You'll likely need a copy of StorageSync to be able to recover the
data. Many backup/imaging programs use a Proprietary format or
encapsulation method that requires the original program to be able
to access/restore files from the image set.

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I switched jobs and before I returned my laptop I copied important
files on to the simpletech hard drive using their storagesync
software. I want to recover these files on my new laptop however I
can only see them in "StorageSync Backup Archive" format. How do I
recover these dos in their native Word format??

Please help, I am desperate to retrieve these files!

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I have the software and have tried recovery but it isn't showing
anything for me to recover. However I can see all of the files when I
open and view the drive through My Computer.

The manual is 1 page and does not address this issue. Is there anyone
who has experience with this software/hardware that has had a similar
situation and knows how to recover the docs?