Re: Documents and Setting multiple user folders confusion

"Richard from Hawaii" <Richard from Hawaii@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
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Hello, I'm trying to sort out a home network with 3 computers and have
into a problem. What I'm trying to do is to create network shortcuts on
desktops of each of the computers for each other's desktop.

One of my computers, call it MAIN, has 4 different user folders under
Documents and Settings named ADMINISTRATOR, ALL USERS, DEFAULT USER, and
USER. Important files or folders are scattered through the different
account's desktop folders. In the CONTROL PANEL/USER ACCOUNTS only MAIN
GUEST are listed, since there is only one user for this computer. When I
on as MAIN (the only choice I have) the desktop folder that opens seems to
rooted in All Users.

My question is, can I safely move desktop items from the other account's
desktop folders into my ALL USERS desktop folder. I'm trying to simplify
creation of shortcuts for the other users on the network. I don't want to
have to create 4 network shortcuts for all the desktop folders on the MAIN

An additional question is, can I delete the other account folders
I'm not given this option in the CONTROL PANEL/USER ACCOUNTS, since only
accounts are listed.

Any advice, suggestions, links would be very very welcome. It's all very
confusing to me. And thanks for reading this. I hope I was thorough.

Your confusion is caused by you mixing up "accounts" and "profile folders".

When you first log on under a given account (e.g. Richard) then Windows
will create a profile folder "c:\documents and settings\Richard". This is
the place where your Desktop and Start Menu items reside. Sharing
this desktop with other users or machines is NOT a good idea.

The profile folder "c:\documents and settings\Richard" gets built from
the template folder "c:\documents and settings\default user". This is
NOT an account and you must NOT delete this folder. If you do
then you won't be able to create new profiles for new users.

The profile folder "c:\documents and settings\all users" contains items
that are visible to all users, not just to "Richard". This is NOT account
and you should NOT delete this folder.

If you want a desktop shortcut to be visible to all users on your
machine then you should move it from "c:\documents and
to "c:\Documents and settings\all users\Desktop".