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"Terry R." wrote:

On 6/7/2007 1:16 PM On a whim, qtd pounded out on the keyboard

"Terry R." wrote:

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hi there,
I am having trouble with an old laptop...all the applications such as
windows media player, microsoft word, excel, yahoo messenger, msn messenger
work fine. The problem I am having is that every time I click on the icons
such as: internet explorer (the browswer does not pop up), control panel, my
computer, windows explorer, recycle bin or anything that will allow me to
"have a look into my computer", nothing (no window) will pop up to allow me
to do so. Does anyone know why, and how to resolve this issue?
anyhelp will be greaty appreciated!
Sounds like malware/adware infection.

Here are some basic suggestions (some provided previously by Shenan

Download and install ERUNT and have it create a registry backup.

Open ONE copy of Internet Explorer.
Select TOOLS -> Internet Options.
Under the General tab in the "Temporary Internet Files" section, do the
Click on "Delete Cookies" (click OK)
Click on "Settings" and change the "Amount of disk space to use:" to
something between 128MB and 512MB. (Betting it is MUCH larger right
Click OK.
Click on "Delete Files" and select to "Delete all offline contents"
(the checkbox) and click OK. (If you had a LOT, this could take 2-10
minutes or more.)
Once it is done, click OK, close Internet Explorer, re-open Internet

Turn off System Restore.
Reboot the Computer

Install the first five of these: (Install, Run, Update, Scan with..)
(If you already have one or more - uninstall them and download the
LATEST version from the page given!)

Lavasoft AdAware (Free and up)
(How-to: )

Spybot Search and Destroy (Free!)
(How-to: )

SpywareBlaster (Free!)
(How-to: )

IE-SPYAD2 (Free!)
(How-to: )

SuperAntiSpyware (Free and up)

CWShredder Stand-Alone (Free!)

Hijack This! (Free!)
(Log Analyzer: )

Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner (Free!)
(How-to: )

ToolbarCop (Free!)

Ccleaner (Free!)

Browser Security Tests (Free Tester)

Popup Tester (Free Tester)

The Cleaner (~$49.95 and up)

Sometimes you need to install the application and reboot into SAFE MODE
in order to thoroughly clean your computer. Many applications also have
(or are) immunization applications. Spybot Search and Destroy and
SpywareBlaster are two that currently do the best job at passively
protecting your system from malware. None of these programs (in these
editions) run in the background unless you TELL them to. The space they
take up and how easy they are to use greatly makes up for any
inconvenience you may be feeling.

After everything is clean, turn System Restore back on and reboot.

Another option is to use an alternative Web browser. I suggest
'Mozilla Firefox', as it has some great features and is very easy to

Some alternative anti-virus programs:
AVG Anti-Virus System

Report back,

Terry R.

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hi terry r,
wow thanks for replying so quickly and so in depth!!
however my problem is that I CAN'T open up an internet explorer browser and
am unable to download anything. I also can't access "system restore" because
I can't get into "control panel," I can't even open up "recycle bin" to see
what is in there. Also, "my computer," and "windows explorer" is also a
no-go. Looks as if I can't browse through anything in my computer. Do you
have any other ideas what it may be? qd

Have you tried Windows Safe Mode? Reboot and then keep pressing F8
until you get a menu and select Safe Mode with Networking. Then see if
you can open IE.

If not, you may need to use a flash drive (USB drive), go to another
computer and download the programs above and install them on your
computer that way.

Terry R.

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hi terry,
thanks again for your post. Well, the problem when I connect a flash drive
to my laptop is that the windows explorer won't pop up (nor can I get access
to it) to even have a look at what's in the flash drive. This won't help me,
but after I rebooted in safe mode, it does allow me access to internet
explorer, recycle bin, windows explorer, etc etc. (what was immediately
important to me is get access to windows explorer so that I can remove some
of the files on my laptop and onto my flash drive). This I was able to do,
and I am happy. This will just buy me more time to figure out what to do with
my lap top, After all, I can't really browse the internet in Safe Mode

As for lvtraveler, I'm not sure specifically what you are speaking of, but I
am pretty sure it doesn't apply to me? correct me if I am wrong??

thanks again to the pair of you.
please let me know if you can think of anything else.