Re: Delay when typing emails

Okay, it seems to be only in email. Outlook express works fine and I can
type fast in Word... all okay.
So I reposted this specifically to the Outlook Newsgroup but I will still
take suggestions from this Newsgroup too. I will post the results to both.


"Pegasus" <I.can@xxxxxxx> wrote in message

"JCO" <someone@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I keep getting a delay whenever I try to type emails. When I view the
task manager, I get 2-instances of svchost.exe, hp????.exe (my printer).
In general, my System Idle Process is 97-98% and I have 2 GB of memory

The delay can be a 1/4 of a second or less but it is still annoying when
your fingers go faster and the letters than the letter appear. It causes
lots of misspelled words.

Thanks in advance.

Check if this phenomenon occurs in Word or in Notepad
too. If it does then it's a Windows problem. If it is specific
to EMail then it's an EMail problem and should be reported
in the appropriate EMail newsgroup: Outlook, Outlook
Express, IncrediMail, other?