Re: External exception E06D7363

On Apr 30, 12:22 pm, rosemary4754
<rosemary4...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Yesterday my daughter turned on her laptop and had no internet connection.
In checking, we found that her wireless card was disconnected. We were
unable to connected as we were told the driver was missing. We reinstalled
the driver and got our connection back but we now get random pop up saying
"External exception E06D7363" This is not a new laptop nor a wireless card.
Any ideas on whats going on? thanks!

If you were to "search" the Internet, you would have possibily learned
that this is a common occurance with Linksys wireless adapter and
their wireless adaptec utility. The most accepted method of fixing
this is:

1) Un-install the Linksys wireless software
2) Disconnect the wireless adapter
2) Start up the Windows Zero Configuration
3) Reconnect the wireless adapter and just follow the direction to
install drivers only.