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cnic wrote:
I just purchased a new laptop. It came with Vista on it and I have had so many problems with the display drivers that HP has decided I have a faulty card and is now sending me a brand new laptop to the exact same specs. My thought on it is that since I am still going to be getting the Vista OS and the same Nvidia video card, that the problems will still be there.

That doesn't necessarily follow, at all. Just because the first laptop had defective hardware components (most likely) or corrupted drivers, this is no indication that the replacement laptop will have the same problem.

I have researched and seen in several places that even though they (MS and Nvidia) say the two are compatible, they are having a LOT of problems.

You're omitting the 3rd factor in those reported problems: it's a known problem only when added to a specific motherboard. For instance, I'm having absolutely no problems with Vista and NVidia graphics drivers.

The screen randomly goes black for various amounts of time and sometimes comes back up in safe mode while other times coming back with all the icons on the desktop scrambled. Yet at other times, the whole system locks down and I have to do a hard re-boot to turn the thing off. My screen saver (simple default slideshow) locks the computer everytime it comes up so I had to disable it. In the middle of a power point slide show, it randomly locks up and while I can move the mouse, the slides will not advance. It is also so slow that the blue circle of death just hangs in the screen for as long as 40 seconds just to bring up a new message window in the mail. To reply takes even longer. It takes at least 1-2 minutes to boot. Just a lot of irritating stuff like that.

That sounds more like defective or over-heating RAM, to me. Of course, a laptop has to perforce use the system RAM for video, as there is no separate, distinct video adapter.

What I plan to do is purchase a new full install of XP and wipe out the Vista when I get the new computer. I have had XP Home on 3 computer and have had absolutely no problems in 3 years. What are the differences in Home and Pro and is it worth the extra $$ to go with Pro over Home.

It's your choice, of course, but you'd better ask HP what affect such an action will have on your warranty and service agreements. Normally, you'd be voiding them. You'd also better check with HP to see if they provide WinXP-specific device drivers for that specific model laptop before proceeding. There's a very good chance that they don't, if the laptop was originally designed for Vista.

Those on the Vista newsgroup are very critical of anyone wanting to go "back in time" and re-install XP over Vista. They say people like me are just stupid and don't know how to run a system so therefore cannot handle a powerful hack-proof program like Vista. In fact, they are very rude a lot of times.

You've been reading some of the trolls (who do seem to be much more numerous in the Vista newsgroups), rather than those interested in helping. The ones the deservedly get short shrift are those few who rushed out and bought the newest and shiniest OS, and then upgraded an older, less-than-fully-compatible machine, without doing a lick of advance planning or research, and then irately blamed Microsoft and Vista for all of their self-inflicted problems.

In your case, purchasing a new computer with Vista pre-installed, you'd have simply been advised to contact HP for warranty support.

I just want an OS that will actually run and not waste my time with unnecessary messages that pop up all the time telling me what I already know I am doing.

So, the UAC annoys you? Turn it off.

I also have had too many programs not function properly and I cannot afford to purchase thousands of dollars of new programs to accommodate Mr. Gates.

Well, no. That's why you'd have determined the compatibility of those programs *before* deciding to purchase a computer with a new operating system.

The "certified" techies on the Vista site have said that a Vista SP is not scheduled until the 4thQ of '08. That is too long for me to mess with their "bugs" and problems. Even if it were the 4th Q of this year, that is still too long. My time and sanity is worth more than that.

So far, nothing you've said points to any problems with Vista, per se. Granted, you might have gotten a bad installation from HP, but that'll be easily remedied under warranty support. There's no need to wait for a service pack.

I do graphic design out of my home and run high end graphic programs (Adobe, Corel).

Have those companies certified their products for use on Vista? I know Adobe's certainly been dragging its feet producing software for Vista.


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