Re: Registry... Windows\system32\config... System

"POP" <iknowyouwant@xxxxxxxx> wrote
Have a friends PC which willl not boot, well, keeps rebooting.

Putting hdd into mine there are loads of .dmp files and when opening them even though show alot of machine code there is a line... about windows\system32\config\system is corrupt.

Repair folder has a file 6mb size where normal 'software file' is only 1.6mb. Being smaller leading me to believe is corrupted. Thinking of copying repair folder system file to config folder but was just wondering what you all do to protect your registry... How do you get the 'repair folder' copies upto date, they are currently 18months old, presumably when pc built.

For backing up the registry look at ERUNT. Use scheduled tasks to make a daily backup. When set up properly, if something corrupts the registry, a backup can be restored from the recovery console.


Installing and Using ERUNT

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