Re: blue screen of death error message

dessie <dessie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

My screen went blue suddenly with the following message.
stop 0x000000fe (0x00000002,ox85d65c86,0x86c13298,0x861f2f48
I havent installed any hardware recently. Can anyone help me to resolve this


Parameter 1 = 0x00000002
"The USB client driver has submitted a URB that is still attached to
another IRP that is pending in the bus driver."

Parameter 4 = 0x861f2f48 = Address of the USB request block (URB) that
caused the error

Assuming that your computer's USB ports are integrated into the
motherboard you should go to the motherboard manufacturer's web site
and get any updated drivers for your specific motherboard model.

If this is a one-time error then you may just want to attribute it to
an "electronic gremlin" and leave things alone. However if it recurs
then you definitely want to take further action.

Good luck

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