Re: Setup is being restarted .........

I can't get past the "Setup is being restarted (20 dots) " screen. It will
not allow me to use safe mode, I pump F8 gently as it boots to no effect.

Should I continue to let the machine run? Will it eventually finish?
(suspect checking hard drive media, 18.6 Gb scsi, dim blink of hd light about
every second). It has been running for 20 hours now with "Setup is being
restarted (20 dots) " screen unchanged.

Thanks for your time on this.
Rgds, Bob

"Carey Frisch [MVP]" wrote:

Boot into Safe Mode, open Device Manger,
right-click on your Display Adapter(s) and select
"uninstall". Reboot the PC normally and Windows
XP will install a generic VGA driver. Then you
can uninstall any existing video adapter software,
then download and install the latest software
from the web site of the video adapter chipset

Carey Frisch
Microsoft MVP
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"BB" wrote:

I've found a utility "Ultimate Boot CD for Windows". It enables me to run a
strapped down windows from a CD. I can see the hard drives and the files
using this CD. I can copy my work from the system drive to a second scsi
drive (panic decreased). All drives are fine as far as I can make out.

"Carey Frisch [MVP]" wrote:

Did you run the Windows XP Upgrade Advisor?

Carey Frisch
Microsoft MVP
Windows Shell/User


"BB" wrote:

The above is the message I currently have on my (other) machine, which is a
Compaq AP550, running two 866 P3s, 768 Mb ram, with 8.5 Gb spare on first
scsi hard drive.

Question, what is Windows XP pro doing? It has been like this for several
hours now.

History: All running fine then decided to change graphics card. Forgot to
unload old card drivers. Installed new card, screen froze. Attempted to
repair by using XP Pro cd and using second 'R'. Screen froze. Replaced new
card with original. Attempted to start up XP, got "Setup is being restarted
......". Used XP cd to boot, second 'R'. got "Setup is being restarted ....."

At boot there is a lot of hard drive chuntering. Then there is a dim blip,
about every second, on the hd light. That goes on and on. Is XP doing some
sort of deep hd chkdsk?.

Thanks for your help,