Re: windows internet7.0

Rock wrote:
An individual user doesn't need to run this toolkit to block IE7
installs. This toolkit is intended for administrators who want to
block it on a group of computers. It makes changes to the
registry. Why would you go to all that trouble for a single user?
All an individual user has to do is go to windows update through
internet explorer, do a custom scan, and hide the IE7 update.

Dominique wrote:
I didn't know that so I guess there must be a lot of people that
don't know that either and if they setup automatic updates...

What the toolkit did is that it puts IE7 in Optional updates
instead of Critical updates in the Windows Update page. I didn't
find that was much trouble using that toolkit. Thanks anyway for
your info.

You have inferred that people who setup automatic updates will get Internet
Explorer unknowingly...

Automatic Updates does *not* mean the Internet Explorer will get installed.
9 times out of 10 - it will, because users just assume they should click OK
when a popup happens (or 'I agree' or some other affirmative answer..)
After all - nothing that pops up on their LOCAL machine could be bad, right?
This is what malware writers DEPEND on..

Visit this link:

Where it states,
"... Automatic Updates Delivery Process: The automatic delivery process will
notify users that an update is available and allow users to choose whether
to install Internet Explorer 7 ..."


"... Automatic Updates will only offer Internet Explorer 7
to users with local administrator accounts. Automatic Updates will notify
all such users (including those with Automatic Updates configured to
automatically download and install updates) when Internet Explorer 7 has
been downloaded and is ready to install. The notification and installation
process will not start unless and until a user who is a local administrator
logs on to the machine. Users who are not local administrators will not be
prompted to install the update and will thus continue using Internet
Explorer 6 ..."

The prompt (that even those with Automatic updates enabled) get when
Internet Explorer begins to install can be found in a screenshot on the page

Shenan Stanley
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