Re: Will A WindowsXP Upgrade Repair Win98 Problems

"Anna" <myname@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message > Jim:
Malke is making an assumption that you're dealing with a failing PC
(hardware-wise). That may well be a valid assumption and to the extent
that it is I would agree that an XP upgrade would be a useless endeavor.

But on the other hand...

VxD error messages in the Win9x/Me environment can arise from a whole
host of reasons - both software & hardware. Misconfiguration of
components, conflicting device drivers, defective equipment, software
conflicts - the list goes on & on. In our experience we frequently found
that a reinstallation of the OS was all that was necessary to correct the
problem (even when we couldn't track down the precise cause of the

So if you are unable to resolve the problem within your current OS and
and assuming your basic hardware has the "horsepower" to run XP, i..e,
processor power, sufficient RAM, etc. - which you can check out - I'm
wondering whether it might be worthwhile to at least try to "upgrade"
your system to XP and hopefully resolve the problem that way.

If you decide to go that route, it would be prudent (I would even say
essential) to backup whatever files are important to you before
undertaking the XP upgrade process. There's no guarantee that data won't
be lost as a result of doing this. And a strong possibility that you
might have to reinstall programs even if the upgrade is successful. Best
of all would be for you to use a disk imaging program to create a clone
of your HDD before undertaking the upgrade.

"Jupiter Jones [MVP]" <jones_jupiter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I don't think Malke assumed any such thing..
If the hardware is failing, there would be no reason for Malke to suggest
a Clean Installation of Windows 98.

"failing computer" is extremely vague and can mean hardware or software.
The OPs issues suggest a failure, specific cause as hardware or software
yet unknown.

In any case, an upgrade should not be performed to repair software issues.
All problems should be resolved before the upgrade is attempted.

Jupiter Jones [MVP]

Jupiter Jones:
The advice I provided was based on my experience with dealing with the raft
of VxD problems we frequently experienced when dealing in an Win9x/Me
environment (the OPs current environment). Unfortunately, these VxD problems
were not an infrequent occurrence in those pre-XP operating systems and it
was not unusual, indeed it was common, that we frequently were unable to
track down the precise cause of the problem even to the extent that we could
not determine whether it was definitively caused by software conflicts of
one kind or another, OS corruption, or hardware-based.

In many cases the problem resolved itself through no user intervention for
reasons that we could never discern. This, of course, was where the problem
did not affect the system boot.

But in many cases where we simply couldn't resolve the problem, the only
practical expedient left to us was a reinstall of the OS where in most cases
the existing data was retained. Did it always work? Of course not. And the
user was warned to back up his or her data before undertaking the reinstall
process assuming the data was accessible.

In the present case the OP apparently is not averse to "upgrading" his/her
system to XP should that possibly solve the problem. I indicated to the OP
that if he/she is unable to resolve the problem with his/her current system
then it might be worth a try to install XP over his/her present Win9x/Me
system. I pointed out that this assumed his/her present hardware was
sufficient to accommodate an XP OS and that his/her data should be backed
up, or better to create a disk clone, prior to undertaking this XP install.
I trust I made it clear to the OP that this process might not work but I
thought it might be worth the risk given a situation where the problem
cannot be resolved within his/her present system.