Re: Hidden Files in Recycling Bin

woo124 <woo124@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

A while ago, I posted question regarding deleted files being permanently
deleted rather than going to Recycling Bin. I think what's been happenning
is that those files WERE sent to Recycling Bin but as hidden files, so I
can't see them at all.

1) why is this behavior happenning?
2) how can I fix this? One way is to display hidden files, but I don't want
to run the risk of deleting files I shouldn't by accident.

Open Windows Explorer (WinKey+E), under TOOLS, open Folder Options,
then the View Tab. Change these settings:

Select Display the contents of system folders
Select Show hidden files and folders
UnSelect Hide Extensions for known file types
Unselect Hide Protected operating system files (ignore popup)

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